Jin-Seong Park 教授: Atomic Layer Deposition for Emerging Display Applications: From Oxide Semiconductor Transistors to Flexible devices

报告人:Jin-Seong Park 教授,韩国汉阳大学





       In this seminar, Prof. Park will take the brief emerging display market trend and forecast to understand what they are looking for. In fact, the AMOLED (active matrix organic light emitting diode) Television markets are just starting at early 2013. There are a few possibilities and needs to be developing for AMOLED, flexible and transparent Display markets. Then, firstly, the functional oxide conductor/semiconductor films deposited by ALD will be discussed for applying transparent conductor and thin film transistor as an active layer even on flexible substrates, including InOx, SnOx, ZnSnO, InZnOx, InGaZnOx, and InZnSnOx. Secondly, functional oxide and organic thin films, deposited by ALD/MLD have been demonstrated in emerging applications (flexible, transparent, and wearable things). In particular, gas diffusion barrier properties such as water and oxygen water vapor are important for passivation and encapsulation applications. There are still many chances to study and investigate various functional thin films to apply for the NEXT display applications.


       Jin-Seong Park教授,韩国汉阳大学材料科学与工程学院。 主要研究原子层沉积技术制备氧化物半导体薄膜,并将其应用于薄膜晶体管和柔性OLED等先进的电子器件领域。

Jin-Seong Park 教授2002年博士毕业于韩国科学技术院(KAIST),2003-2005年在哈佛大学从事博士后研究工作,2005-2009年在Samsung SDI和Samsung Mobile Display担任资深工程师,并于2009年进入韩国汉阳大学材料科学与工程学院。在原子层沉积技术领域有20多年的深厚造诣,在权威学术期刊发表180+文章,引用近14000次,拥有国际和韩国国内专利逾100项。

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