Christoph J. Brabec教授: Accelerating the discovery of novel energy materials by high throughput processing



报告内容简介:The discovery and development of novel materials in the field of energy is essential to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. Bringing recent technological innovations in automation, robotics, and computer science together with current approaches in chemistry, materials science, and characterization will act as a catalyst for revolutionizing traditional research and development in both industry and academia. This presentation will explore the vision towards autonomous materials discovery based on highly automatized robot-assisted systems, which may emerge within the next 10 years as a novel direction in material science. The approach we discuss combines high-throughput material screening coupled to machine learning algorithms, which, in turn, will be supported by quantum chemistry methods, autonomously design a further generation of improved materials. First examples with relevance to energy materials will be discussed, among them novel absorbers for solar energy, enhanced solvent systems for solution processed semiconductors as well as organic conjugated nanomaterials as templates for mesoporous interface layers. 

报告人简介:Christoph J. Brabec教授目前在埃尔兰根-纽伦堡大学(FAU)的材料科学专业担任电子和能源技术材料学院(i-MEET)的院长,此外,他还是首家致力于有机薄膜光伏电池商业化Konarka公司的首席技术官、巴伐利亚州可再生能源研究机构(ZAE Bayern,Erlangen)的埃朗根分部的科技总监以及纽伦堡能源大学(EnCN)的联合创始人,《Advanced Energy Materials》的编委会主席,《Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications》、《Journal of Photonics for Energy》编委会成员,发表SCI研究论文400余篇,专利100余项,论文总引用次数超过4万次,H-指数超过80, 并连续于2013至2017年度入选汤森路透全球材料学科“高被引科学家”,曾获得“有机光伏领域专利数量最多的年度发明家”(2005年)、有机电子/太阳能电池领域十大引用研究人员之一(2007年)、过去10年中前100名材料科学家排名第12(2011年)等荣誉,研究领涵盖有机太阳电池、钙钛矿太阳电池、高通量材料与器件的制备等方面。


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